Language Requirements

English-Language Proficiency Requirements 

Each student granted admission to Western University must be proficient in spoken and written English. All students applying for undergraduate admission whose first language is not English will be required to provide acceptable proof of English-language proficiency. You are encouraged to write a test at the earliest possible date, and, at the latest, before March 2019. Scores for any test written before January 1, 2017, may not be accepted.

You may be considered for an English-proficiency exemption if you studied for 4 full-time years in a Ministry-approved high school in Ontario or other Canadian provinces, and successfully completed Grade 12 English, ENG4U or its equivalent. This exemption does not apply to Nursing programs.

Applicants from other countries who have a total of 4 years of formal education in an English-speaking school system where English is the primary language and language of instruction, may be considered for an exemption on an individual basis. The Admissions Committee will consider all previous and current academic work and all documentation submitted in support of an application for an exemption.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office may require you to write a test of English proficiency. At the discretion of the University, you may be asked to present further evidence of English proficiency if your English proficiency score does not match your academic English prerequisite achievement.

Additional details on acceptable proof of English proficiency can be found on our website.

Note: English-language proficiency requirements for admission to Undergraduate Nursing programs are different than the requirements for other programs at Western. For further information, please visit the Nursing website.

Score Notes
Minimum TOEFL Score

550 PBT, with a 5 on the TWE.

83 iBT, with no score below 20.

Western's TOEFL Institution Code: 0984

Minimum MELAB Score Overall score of 80, with no score less than 78.
Minimum IELTS Score A minimum overall band score of 6.5 is required with no part less than 6.0.
Minimum CAEL Score A minimum overall score of 60 is required with no part less than 60.
CANTest A minimum overall score of 4.0 is required with no part less than 4.0.
PTE (Pearson Test of English) A minimum overall score of 58 with no score less than 56.
Other Test Scores Other Acceptable English-Language Programs:

Last Test Date

2019-Apr-16 - Last Test Date: Mid-March. Results must be received by April 16.